Our philosophy

Our aim is to search for the most beautiful townhouses in Berlin and get to know their history, in order to be fully in line with the architectural context and to restore the old splendor. We want to create unique apartments for exceptional people.


We believe in the immortality of the pre-war architecture. We search for the forgotten buildings with the aim to bring back their former splendor and hidden details. Our passion and knowledge make townhouses’ souls wake up from a long dream. We try to discover every treasure latent in the original architecture and history of a building. We are confident that our selection of buildings can once again become the pride of Berlin.


Location of the property plays a key role in the investments selection. It emphasizes its prestige and gives it the character, which can then be grinded. We try to select buildings located in the city center, with convenient and easy access to urban infrastructure and recreational areas. Living in renovated, stylish apartments in the city center, one can feel the atmosphere of pre-war Berlin – full of life, culture and business.


There are a lot of elements that influence the characteristics of a townhouse. Devoting time for renovation works will allow to turn back time and restore the taste and elegance of the entire property. Some details can be restored only with the use of arts and crafts. With the use of preserved documents, old photographs and sketches, we are able to bring back the finest architectural elements.
Ceramics – including carpets tiled, portals, tiles and ceramic kilns – give a townhouse its unique character and emphasize the style in which it was built.
Ornate wooden interior elements add warmth, whereas parquet floors reveal the ancient character of old buildings. When building is being renovated, special attention is put on unique decors, unusual facets and rosettes.


We know how important it is for the residents of one of the largest cities in Europe to enjoy the comfort of staying in a well-designed interior. Therefore, we invite top designers who combine aesthetics with practicality, to redesign apartments in our townhouses. They make apartments become an oasis of tranquility. An elegant staircase made of marble and beautiful, forged, artistically made railings are restored with care for every detail. Our experts painstakingly repair and reconstruct cast-iron decorative radiators, stoves and decorative ornaments. The entire building is complemented by the perfectly decorated stairwells, corridors and a green garden.


At BAM, we value the artistry of the pre-war work of blacksmiths, carpenters, stove fitters and carvers. We know that these now-forgotten professions once enjoyed recognition and respect of the residents.
Craftsmen specializing in only one area were able to appreciate the high quality of materials. That is why the hand-made works were not only beautiful but also durable.
We are trying to protect this heritage in the revitalized buildings. That is why we select our associates carefully to entrust them with restoration works. They will enjoy the privilege of bringing back the history of the pre-war property and share their passion with us.